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wear and tear
Adidas Sublimated Volleyball Jerseys

Quality Custom Team Uniforms

Welcome to Sensible Gear!

Whether you're going to the Olympics or to the hometown rink, we want you to look your best and be your best.


That's why we're bringing sublimated uniforms to Newfoundland and Labrador - for custom jerseys and team uniforms that never crack, peel, or fade.


Just like our customers, we strive toward excellence with affordable, high-end products.

We Carry Only Exceptional Quality

Gear You Can Count On

Sublimated Uniforms

Looking for durable custom hockey jerseys?

Want to order custom team uniforms that will survive the whole semester?


No matter the sport, colours, or design, we can help.


Sublimation means your jerseys remain breathable, strong, and vibrant in the face of everyday wear and tear. There is no limit to the number of colours in this process, and every square inch of the jersey can be sublimated. The result is a custom uniform you can be proud of!

Custom Apparel

In need of customized clothing?


Let your imagination run free!


We place no restrictions on templates, designs, or colours.

Our stock never runs out or is discontinued.

We don't have silkscreen or embroidery hassles;

and there is no extra charge for oversize.

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Come Home Year, Team Jerseys, Ed Roche & more!

V NeckFront
Roun neck Front 13
Crew Shirt Back 1
Women Volleyball Jersey Front - 3
Women Volleyball Jersey Back - 3
1-4 Zip Shirt Front - 4
1-4 Zip Shirt Back - 4
Mind your mout'
Mind your mout'
What Ails Ya?
Cod guard thee Newfoundland
Round Neck Back 3
Screech In Favourite!
Seahawks Volleyball
Seahawks Volleyball
Seahawks Volleyball
Seahawks Volleyball
Volleyball Jersey
Volleyball Jersey
Volleyball Jersey
Volleyball Jersey
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Newfoundland Sublimation

Proudly Newfoundland

Hi! I'm Sheila,


Newfoundland and Labrador is a unique and colourful province. 

Dare I say the most unique in Canada? Since our athletes represent this proud, determined, and resilient province, I want them to look like the stars that they are!


That's why Sensible Gear is filling a need for quality in sports gear in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Atlantic Provinces.


We know they need hardworking customer service that is diligent, fun, and dependable--just like they are.


After two post-graduate degrees, 30 years of customer relations and experience in the entertainment industry, and receiving the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal for Cultural Contribution to Canada, I wanted to embark on a new chapter: helping Newfoundlanders look their best, so they can focus on being their best.



It's your Time to Win.
Sublimated Hockey Gear