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Need to get sublimated hockey jerseys for the whole team? How about custom basketball uniforms?


No matter the sport, sublimation offers the best of both worlds between customizability and performance. Sublimated jerseys are a big win for the entire team, given the many benefits, including:

  • Unlimited choices for uniform colours

  • No restrictions on designs

  • No template or customization restrictions

  • Never out of stock or discontinued

  • No silkscreen or embroidery hassles

  • No number or personalization chargers

  • No extra charges for oversize

  • Unlike heat transfers or silk screen, sublimation allows performance fabric to maintain its breathability

  • Images never fade, crack, or peel


When you order sublimated items from Sensible Gear, you can expect graphic services for designs and great customer service from start to finish.


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Sublimation Science

What is Sublimation?

Maybe you've heard of sublimation, but what does it mean exactly?


In short, digital sublimation occurs when dye ink is heated over 400° into a gas. When transferred into fabric, the gaseous dye bonds to it, cools, and becomes solid once again. Strangely, sublimation bypasses the liquid phase and goes directly from solid to gas!


That might sound a little complicated, so you may be wondering, "why bother going through the sublimation process?"


Sublimation is useful because it perfectly translates the dye from the screen to the fabric. That's why we can offer the entire spectrum of colours at no extra cost! Since the dye literally becomes part of the fabric, your logo and designs will never fade, crack, or peel.


What's more is we're able to sublimate every square inch of your uniform, without interfering with the breathability, strength, and durability of its natural wicking materials.


No doubt sublimation is a complex process, but in terms of sheer value, nothing else could make more sense.

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Sublimation Inks

Wondering about the quality of our sublimation ink?


We get it--as you might expect, there is a huge variance of the quality of inks used in the sublimation process.


We're committed to using the very best products available. That's why we use Kiian Hi-Pro inks, which are the world's finest. Why? Because of benefits like:

  • Unsurpassed colour vibrancy

  • Limitless saturation

  • Exceptional Durability

  • Maximum colour fastness

  • Safe for all youth garment manufacturing


As a result, Kiian Hi-Pro inks have obtained certification from:

  • Nike Restricted Substances Standard

  • Adidas 01

  • Clear to Wear

  • Oeko-Tex Standard


At Sensible Gear, we serve champions, and champions deserve only the best.

Custom Clothing in Newfoundland

Affordable Custom Apparel

Have an idea for clothing design?


We can help you turn it into a reality.


Sensible Gear offers the entire spectrum of colour with whatever design you can imagine. There is no template or customization restrictions, imagination is your only limitation!


Our products are never out of stock or discontinued. There are no silkscreen, embroidery hassles, or extra charges for oversize.


When you choose Sensible Gear, you can expect graphic services for apparel design and great customer service from start to finish.

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